The modern IT distribution marketplace is crowded and competitive. Simply providing solutions and equipment to resellers is not enough to make your business stand out. We can help develop your competitive advantage.

With the high calibre of people that work at itec, we have the experience and know-how to provide additional services around your current distribution efforts , making your business a better proposition. Whether you want sales support or to add value to products and solutions, itec can transform  businesses into genuine value-added distributors with our white label IT professional services.

For more information call +44(0) 1189 777 100 or email enquiries@itec-is.com


itec have brought their wealth of implementation and around the clock support capability to Azlan, enabling them to deliver the best customer service possible.
itec add value around Westcon’s current distribution to form competitive advantage to their distribution of large vendor technologies.
Utilising itec’s deep industry experience is allowing Interactive Norway to deliver their B2B technology solutions against rigid time and financial targets.
itec’s design, implement, support services and spectrum of technologies adds value to Exclusive Networks’ technology distribution business.
As part of their partnership, itec empower Arrow’s supply of leading IT equipment to manufacturers.