Efficient communication is crucial to enabling business collaboration and success. With an extensive network incorporating internal staff, suppliers and customers spanning multiple projects, efficient and connected communication is the only way to ensure that everything gets done properly, on time and within budget. With a variety of communication mediums such as phone, text, e-mail IM, etc… being used, keeping track of everything and actually engaging in meaningful conversation can be challenging.

To get over the logistical difficulties of managing a host of platforms and communication devices, businesses are increasingly turning to UC&C (unified communications and collaboration) technologies to provide a centralised and connected communication experience. Lync represents Microsoft’s innovation in this area, and has received wide acclaim due to its familiarity and integration within other Microsoft products. The ability to share content and manage accessibility via the cloud whilst on the move makes it an attractive platform.

Introducing Microsoft Lync requires businesses to consider the make-up of their underlying infrastructure. To help organisations, we have created an audit programme known as LEAP: the Lync Environment Audit Program. As part of LEAP we’ll, review bandwidth, server capacity and network performance to assess and report back on what needs to change in order to maximise the  functionality within Microsoft Lync. We do this because for all the benefits that Lync offers, businesses can only experience them if they have an underlying infrastructure, that Lync can be deployed in order on, to fully utilise the video conferencing, desktop sharing and IM presence functionality.

To support businesses who are considering introducing Lync, we are offering free LEAP sessions with our Microsoft accredited consultants to demonstrate the value it could provide. Arrange your appointment with itec by contacting enquiries@itec-is.com.