The concept of ‘The Internet of Things’ is something that you may not have come across, but which will certainly be influencing your daily business interactions.

The ‘Internet of Things’ refers to the connectivity, and interactivity, between computing devices within the same IT infrastructure. Connected devices that stream data in a consistent manor (despite being very different) to your businesses.  Connectivity allows you to manage system updates with maintenance being performed automatically. This has obvious positive implications in terms of reducing the risk of downtime whilst minimising IT maintenance costs.

Global UC&C (Unified Communication and Collaboration) vendor Cisco, is looking beyond the Internet of Things, referring to what they have determined to be the Internet of Everything.

The Internet of Everything is essentially the networked connection of people, process, data and ‘things. The proliferation of internet connectivity, with the world increasingly going online, is generating untold amounts of business intelligence and data, which is waiting to be tapped into and exploited by businesses to improve efficiency, service levels, asset usage and reduction of waste in the supply-chain.

Research by Gartner predicts that by the end of the decade, some 50 billion devices will be connected by wireless networks all over the world.

Cisco have identified this data availability as a $14.4 Trillion opportunity, which in turn will grow the global corporate profits by 21% by 2022. It would appear that this is much more than just a passing trend.