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itec’s experts in UC&C help customers to better understand the quality and performance of their communications infrastructure, which gives them the information and confidence to deploy a successful Lync collaboration experience.

“itec provide great professional services from design through to delivery and support and I am always happy to recommend them”
- Alexandre Le Thery, Itancia

Microsoft Lync and Enterprise Voice unifiedcommunications and collaboration are attractivepropositions to mid-size and enterprise businesses alike.

The unification of communications technology into the Microsoft server environment brings many financial and operational benefits to an organisation and it is no surprise that Microsoft Lync is now a critical component of many IT strategies.

The job of the IT director has now grown into not only supporting IT infrastructure for data communications but also to ensure continuous connectivity and performance of the voice and video communications servicing end users.

Businesses wishing to benefit from the collaborative features of Microsoft Lync and Enterprise Voice need to ensure that the environment onto which the communications platform is to be overlaid is appropriately designed and sustains a quality of performance enabling it to support UC&C technology.

Microsoft Lync and Enterprise Voice services are hybrid technologies existing as Unified Communications technologies which are fully integrated into the Server and Application environment. Therefore IT departments need to consider the following environmental and system conditions as part of Lync Preparation:

• Active Directory Requirements
• Domain System Requirements (DNS)
• SQL Instance Requirements
• Network Security and Traversal
• Network Performance
• Certificate Requirements
• Gateway requirements
• SIP Trunks / ISDN lines

Many IT departments will not have the vast range of skills required to analyse and understand the existing IT andcommunications infrastructure in accordance with the technical requirements of a Microsoft Lync topology.


This is where itec’s LEAP offering provides an invaluable professional service to effectively automate this environment qualification for the preparation of Microsoft Lync.

LEAP is a professional service providing network and environment readiness assessment and analysis to ensure that a business is fully prepared for a Microsoft Lync communications topology.

Services Delivered

• Active Directory and SQL examination
• DNS assessment
• Full Network Audit and Performance Analysis
• Voice Communications Audit

Full documentation of the above with a list of recommended corrective actions.

Lync Benefits

• Cost savings: by using the right resources with the right skills you remove cost to solve integration problems during installation
• Reduced time to install: having the correct information before installation ensures an efficient delivery
• Customer Satisfaction: full preparation on the frontend of a project ensures a smooth delivery and excellent customer experience
• White Labelled: itec consultants act on your behalf at all times