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With itec’s outsourced help-desk services you can focus on managing relationships and delivering core business. Manned 24/7 by fully trained technical staff, your customers will receive a personal answer to any support queries, at any time of the day or night.

“Source 1 can always expect professionalism and skilled support when engaged with itec on a project”
- Robert Hessel, CEO, Source 1 Solutions

Our help desk outsourcing service gives you the freedom to focus on your core competencies while giving your customers a professional, efficient, satisfying help desk experience. Our people, processes and technology gives you the information to identify trends and anticipate training needs, increase responsiveness to your internal (or external) customers, and ultimately help you to secure the reputation of providing quality service to those valued that you provide mission critical support to every day.

The TAC is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by trained technical operatives. These TAC operatives are highly skilled technical engineers trained on a wide range of telecommunications equipment, each with technology specializations. Our skills based routing platform ensures that calls regarding certain technology departments within the TAC. You can be sure that your customer enquiries will be personally dealt with by a professional technical operative who will own the issue from initial escalation through to final fault resolution. The operatives form part of your company’s virtual technology team and will interface with your in-house staff in an efficient and flexible manner.

The manage service uses intelligent routing Platforms meaning that you can offer each of your customers tailored service levels and direct access to certain skills teams based upon the number from which they are calling. All delivered over a common advertised support number dedicated to your company.

itec can supply your organization with the resources needed to provide quality cost-effective support. We offer a complete line of traditional call centre and newer Internet eServices.

Branded “White” Services
• 24 hours/day X 7 days/week X 365 days/year
• Complementary After-hours support and Overflow
• e-Mail support services
• Web based ticket update services
• Customer Entitlement Validation
• Remote Technical Support Services
• Core Network to Edge Application Support
• Proprietary Technology Support