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Prevention is always better than cure. Spotting and dealing with technical issues before they impact operational performance is key. With proactive 24/7 IT infrastructure monitoring, we provide comprehensive expert support.

“itec has bridged our in-house gaps, enbaling us to provide international coverage for wireless implementations”
- John Phippen, General Manager, Allstar Solutions

itec intelligent services Monitor service offers network management and monitoring which is easily integrated into your existing network and organisational infrastructure. Monitor service enables your IT and networking staff to effectively “do more with less” by providing a level of traffic and topographic visibility required in order to work more intelligently with existing network components.

By using this service you can leverage the technologies available in your existing equipment to prepare for future initiatives and expansion as well as to troubleshoot and address any current performance incidents.

Monitor service managed strategy means that a team of skilled technicians located in itec’s TAC are fully responsible for proactively interpreting network trends and statistics and performing preventative maintenance on critical network  hardware to ensure business continuity.

This provides your staff with the necessary experienced resources in order for them to embrace intelligent infrastructure planning and management for your business.

Some of the key features and benefits of using the Monitor service managed network analytics solution:

• High visibility of Network Activity
• Reduced requirement for onsite skilled resources
• Capacity Planning
• Lowers cost of network development
• Skilled analysis and reporting
• Quickly identify counter-productive traffic trends
• Clear visibility of assets
• Better Preventative Maintenance