System Integrators

Even as an experienced provider and integrator of business solutions, we appreciate that some implementation projects can be a challenge. With a comprehensive knowledge of business IT solutions, itec can work on your behalf to ensure that all your system delivery projects are completed to the high standard you desire.

itec will work to provide a seamless integration of IT systems to your customers, as well as ensuring that the new technology can operate as a functional part of their existing infrastructure.

With our experience in working on behalf of a number of system integrators, itec can guarantee that our engineers will deliver a swift solution to any problem.

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To aid Network Dynamics in the supply of professional and managed services, itec provided a variety of implementation and support services to allow for swift and smooth projects.
itec worked with imtech to provide support against our design, implement, support methodology to aid their business activity in providing IT solutions to the electrical and utilities industry.
Proximity Communications were able to provide professional services to businesses in a wider geographical landscape thanks to the high level of support itec could offer to all customers
To help Source 1 Solutions go beyond their activity as a network integrator, itec are providing a range of other services so that Source 1 Solutions can widen their reach and operate as a managed service provider.
itec provide add solution design, implementation and support services to the add value alongside the IT equipment that Bechtle provide.