Cloud Technology

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As most of us that have been around the “IT block” a few times will know – cloud computing is not a new invention.

Since the sixties cloud computing has developed along a number of lines, not least of which was the Dot-com bubble burst which paved the way for the revolution of modern datacentres.  From the launch of Amazon web services back in 2006 to the current surveys that claim almost 70% of us today use some form of cloud computing the market is vast.

Our experience delivering Cloud services and consultancy includes virtualisation, core infrastructure (including Microsoft Office 365), bespoke applications and Data Centre solutions. We see our role as supporting you to deliver stress-free Cloud solutions that are fit for purpose – from conception through to implementation, migration and support.

At itec we consistently strive to support our clients with cloud initiatives and projects by making sure we fully understand the implications of a cloud solution. We see our critical role as helping people to understand the implications and efficiencies that technology can deliver. Whether in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid solution – we will work with you to ensure the underlying infrastructure is robust, the roadmap is clear and the right decisions are made to ensure data security, accessibility, scaleability and optimal performance are achieved.

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