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As businesses, your customers hold a large amount of data about their employees, customers and financial activity. We use this data on a day to day basis, and need it to be readily available at all times to complete business tasks. Keeping this data safe and IT systems running at full capacity is critical to sustainability. 

itec’s engineers design and integrate network procedures to ensure this security.  We have created sophisticated defence systems, incorporating access control, intrusion detection and firewalling to keep your customers’ critical information safe.

- Your customers can retain control over their network security or let itec take care of it, with an intelligent solution that ensures only trusted sources, both internal and external, can gain access to their local area network and sensitive business data.

- itec will monitor and maintain your security initiatives. We will highlight any issues and handle problems through to resolution.

We can provide network security to customers all over the world and are currently helping businesses in more than 90 countries.

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