White Label IT Managed Services

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At itec, everything we do is about adding value on your behalf, for your customers. Working as a white label IT service provider, itec design, implement and support the technologies and services that complement the global activities of some of the world’s largest including vendors, distributors and systems.

As the emphasis on IT has developed and organisations look to extract maximum value from their investments in IT infrastructure, delivering the IT environment that your customers’ desire may stretch your own resources or capabilities. As a white label provider, itec can fill the gaps and work with your business to provide a holistic business technology service that satisfies your customers’ requirements.

Providing a truly end to end white label managed service, itec can also oversee the entire delivery of your customers’ IT projects.

No matter if it is just a single project or a fully managed service, itec will bring the same high level of delivery from our brilliant people. And because everything we do is on your behalf, itec will always create a lasting impression, driving repeat business, allowing you to continually generate a greater share of IT spend.

As well as extending and enhancing your business capability, itec also offers your business support in the tender process. By operating as part of your team within pitching and pre-sales activities, itec help your business secure new projects and revenues.